Sarah Casado Thomas was born on July 2, 1991 in Madrid, Spain. She was raised bilingual (Spanish & German) and spent her childhood in Spain before moving to Germany at the age of nine. As the granddaughter of Fernando Rey, the great Spanish movie actor primarily known in the United States for The French Connection (1971), and Argentinian actress Mabel Karr, best known for Red Cross Girls (1958), she has been surrounded by the film and theatre business since she was a child. Among others, she had weekly drama training and was involved in multiple stage performances at the local theatre in her hometown for 5 years. Sarah has continued this practice wherever she went, for example during a year abroad in the United States (Fine Arts at NCS High School) and her university years in the Netherlands (USVA Acting Centre). Since 2012, Sarah has started to exhibit her talent within film and television as well. Back in Germany, she went from working background for feature films to a lead role in an episode of a TV series for a major German broadcaster.

To further promote her career, she moved to London (UK) in 2014 where she further enhanced her skills landing roles in various British short and feature films. At the same time, she trained at MN Acting Academy for Screen Acting and participated in several workshops. These include classes at the London Film School with BAFTA award winning director Richard Kwietniowski.

In 2016, Sarah moved back to Germany and was engaged as a series regular for a television pilot. Looking back on the past two years and the rich amount of practical knowledge she had gained, Sarah was certain this was the career she wanted. She decided to start a professional acting education and was accepted at the renowned “Hamburger Schauspiel-Studio Frese” where she is now completing her 3-year acting studies until 2019.